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Founded in August 2017

Aspire Netball is a program designed and brought to life by professional netballer, Sam Poolman.


Aspire netball started in 2017 as an intensive 10-week program for athletes both in the Hunter Academy of Sport and athletes who were on the fringe of making the Hunter Academy. The aim of the program was to prepare athletes for both state and regional sections.

The program gave athletes the opportunity to learn in a number of areas on court and work with specialist coaches. Added benefits around Strength and Conditioning, injury prevention and correct landing ran by a qualified physio in this field. A number of wellbeing sessions were ran to allow the girls to identify their own strengths and other areas that are extremely important with being an athlete off court.


From 2018 - 2021 Aspire netball was delivered with a different edge. The program was delivered to current Hunter Academy of Sport squad athletes. Hunter Academy of Sport and Greater Bank have come together to give the opportunity to athletes who have been selected into the current squad.

In 2022, Aspire Netball program changed once again. 14s no longer were selected into the Hunter Academy - we always worked with selected 14 year olds so we put this under our Aspire Strive banner. Our Aspire Netball program works with selected HAS athletes aged 15-16 years. WE then work with our 14s through our Aspire Strive program once a month for seven months to work with them and development them as individuals with preparation to prepare them for HAS the following year. 


The program gives the Hunter Region athletes an upper hand and opportunity that no other Academy has in NSW.

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