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14-16 years

Our Aspire Strive program is our players favourites programs. This program was created to provide an opportunity for those players to continue to work on their skill development and progression. It is a program that creates an environment where they feel supported, challenged, and even an opportunity to shine in their own unique way. 

We have had great success with our Aspire Strive program, with numerous players progressing in the Netball NSW pathway for selection into HAS, Metro and Premier League.

The program involves training once a month at Hunter Sports High School, featuring elite indoor facilities. This complements players representative/club commitments. We work with the athlete to make sure their load and wellbeing is being managed and balanced. 

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Please note, our 15-16 years program is paper selection only. We encourage you to spend time giving a detailed application. 

Please note, our 14s years program for 2024 has been selected.

Our 2025 Aspire Strive 14s program selections information will be uploaded soon.

Program details

Our coaching and session delivery is in line with the national development framework. We also develop and challenge our players to be “thinking netballer’s” using a number of match play and game sense activities. 


Along with netball-specific training, players receive resources and workshops in

  • Nutrition

  • Injury prevention

  • Physio

  • Mentoring

  • Wellbeing

Parents will also attend their own workshop to understand the program expectations of their player and how they can assist in their netball journey.

One of the best parts about the program is that it’s driven by individual development. There is a focus on improvement of each individual and supporting their rate of growth and development.

With our local academies stepping away from having 14s within their squads, this allows our selection process for 14s to change.

Our 2024 Aspire Strive programs are:

14s - Focused on 14s with no selection criteria.

15-17s - Players can apply who are not part of an academy in 2024.


Selection Process


We are thrilled to select approximately 28 players who turn 14 in 2025. 

Players must fill out our application form to be considered. Selection will take place in November. 


Players can come from the Hunter, Central Coast, Northern Inland and North Coast regions. Players should be aware they are committing to a nine-month program.  

15-16s Squad 

Our squad is aimed at players who turn 15-16 in 2025. These players cannot be a current squad member of an Academy of Sport’s in 2025. 


Successful applicants will be notified via email with further information including program cost to allow them to accept or decline their position. 


Once our squad is confirmed unsuccessful applicants will receive an email and further support via other programs. 

"Aspire Strive is a program where players can go and train at a high level with like minded people without the stress of outside pressures. 

The support that strive gives from coaches and mentors gives the players the opportunity for young players to feel confident."

Bree Donaldson - former NIAS, NNSW Talent Squad, Aspire Strive athlete. Current Hunter Netball Metro player

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