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Aspire ambition purpose is to support our netballer's to achieve their goals with gaining selection into a team. 


Performing and showcasing your talent at selections is tough. Our program provides players with the knowledge and confidence around selections. Learning directly from state coaches and selectors through specialist sessions and match play, this program will support you to prepare and perform for selections. 

We will cover how to prepare yourself the week leading in, being ready to play, showing more than your on-court ability, what selectors are looking for, match play and more. 

The week following every player will receive personalised feedback to assist with their up incoming trials and progressing their development.

*Please note, its the age you turn in 2023 as you prepare for next years selections

"Last year, this program not only gave me the knowledge around how to play my best at selections; it supported my goal of gaining selection into a premier league team. The confidence for me to play my best and know l am good enough to achieve my goals. Highly recommend any player no matter the level they are selecting for to be involved. Even receiving direct feedback on the day and afterwards from experienced coaches and selectors is priceless" - player 


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