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To apply for our 2024 Aspire Strive 14s program please click below. 

There will be a in person selection on Sunday 29th of October at the elite indoor facilities of Hunter Sports High School. 


Players will run through skills, specialist and match play as part of the selection process. Whilst it's a selection, it is a supportive environment and we will assist players in doing their best. We have some of the states most experienced coaches and selectors ready to work with your netballer. 

Due to the high volume of aspiring netballers apply, we are now delivering this selection into two Phases. Phase 1 is Sunday 29th of October. Players will then be notified if they are successful for Phase 2 and must be available for Sunday 5th of November. 

Parents aren't able to watch this session due to requirements of the school. 

All information will be provided in the week leading into the program and a small fee is charged when you apply to cover costs. We encourage you to take time in filling out your application form. 

Unless 14 days has been given, no refunds will be made after this time. 

If you have any questions about this program please email us at

*We highly recommend your netballer attend our Aspire Ambition program. This program prepares players for selection and will provide your netballer with the best opportunity for this selection. 

Aspire Strive 14s (2024)
29 Oct, 8:30 am
Hunter Sports High School
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