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Sam Poolman 


Sam Poolman is much more than just an elite athlete. She is an inspired leader who is passionate about being a positive role model for the community which has supported her throughout her career. 


Sam has consistently earned leadership positions from a young age, due to her passion for driving positive team culture and her ability to inspire and gain respect from her team mates, coaches and management.

Upon her return from four years playing professionally in Adelaide, Sam was struck with the realization that local netballers in the Hunter region required more support in order to progress to an elite level.


She was driven to devise a solution and create her Aspire Netball program.

Aspire was founded in 2017, with the first program Aspire Netball alongside Hunter Academy of Sport (of which Sam is a graduate and named in the hall of fame). 

Interest in Aspire grew rapidly which was a reflection of the number of aspiring netballers wanting to be apart of the program and learn from Sam. The opportunity to learn and be mentored by a professional netballer and their role model was too much to pass up!


Aspire Netball then expanded into key programs designed to target different stages of the sports pathway and support the individual needs of the regions netballers. 

Aspire Netball, is delivering to current Hunter Academy of Sport squad athletes. Each year the program changes from attending Academy Games as a coach, specialist coaching, focused team sessions or additional squad training. 

Aspire Strive, is now split into two programs. Our Aspire Strive 15-16 years program is for athletes who aren't within a academy program and wanting to develop themselves both on and off the court. Our Aspire Strive 14s program is the feeder program to a Academy program. 

Aspire Ambition, is designed to support netballers with their goal on gaining selection into a team. Focusing on providing the knowledge and therefore confidence around selections. 

Aspire Development, is our largest program delivered to your local association courts across the region. This program is focused at ages 11-15 years and delivers the foundations of becoming an elite netballer. 

Our programs all have their own names and colours to make it easier for netballers to understand the purpose. They love getting their hands on a new colour singlet and how each program develops, challenges and empowers them. 

For further information on our programs and to register, click each of the program tabs at the top of this page. 

Sam is a former professional netballer who player 104 elite games for Adelaide Thunderbirds (#60) and Giants Netball (#7) and Captained Australia in Fast5 Competition. Sam is a board member, brand ambassador and businesswomen.


She believes her career successes arise from the values and personal attributes instilled in her from her early years playing sport and hopes that she can perform an integral role in helping the next generation of aspiringing netballers become not just great athletes but great people.


Sam's passion is her Aspire Netball program, and thoroughly enjoys each individual netballer who achieves their goals and dreams. Our founding Aspire Netball athletes reached NSW State Teams, Premier and Metro League franchises, NSW Swifts and Giants Netball Academy programs. A number of these athletes are now giving back their time and knowledge as coaches within our Aspire programs as they are grateful for the impact Aspire had on their journey as a netballer and a person. 


“For the majority of my teenage years my parents had to drive me up and down the freeway to Sydney, to give me the opportunity to realise my dreams. I want to make sure that our young Hunter region netballers have access to a high level of netball coaching and mentoring. This is my way of giving back to a community that I grew up in and love.” Sam Poolman

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Aspire Netball Leaders and Coaches!

We are so proud of our graduating Aspire Netball athletes! Whilst they are in our programs developing as an athlete and a person, we challenge and develop their leadership skills and the importance of giving back to the community. 

We have a number of athletes who have progressed to high levels on the sporting pathway including Premier League, State and National teams and Swifts and Giants Academy athletes. They are also passionate about giving back to their local associations netballers and netballers within our program as they know first-hand the impact our programs have had on their journeys. 

We are proud to develop then next generation of coaches and inspire our athletes with role models from their associations. 

Our Aspire Netball program coaches, specialist, management and support staff come with years of experienced of pathway athletes. A number of our staff where key contributors to Sam's career and now valuable in delivering Aspire Netball programs!

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