Greater Bank has been a long-term supporter of grassroots netball, and has reinforced this position through their support of the ASPIRE program.


ASPIRE aims to allow young athletes to up their skill-set and learn how to navigate pathways from amateur to professional sport.


Greater Bank had no hesitation on supporting a program within the Hunter region that not only gave netballer’s the opportunity to improve their game but also an opportunity for athletes to have a role model to look up to.


With the success of the initial ASPIRE programs, and support from Greater Bank, ASPIRE has been able to launch another two programs.


“When bringing ASPIRE to life it was important to have the right support around it. After seeing what Greater Bank has done for the Hunter Academy of Sport and within the community it made sense to share my vision of ASPIRE. Im grateful for the support they have shown and the opportunity they have given for ASPIRE to reach netballers around the entire Hunter Region. ” Sam Poolman


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"ASPIRE for greatness"