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Interesting in applying but have a few questions that need answering?

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Here are a few answers to questions that might make it clearer for you...

What Aspire program is this?
Aspire Strive, known as the "purple program"

14-17 years in 2022

Can you apply or is it selections?
Anyone can apply, the program will be selected from paper

How many athletes do you select?
We selected 50 athletes last year over 3 sessions. Depending on the standard of application will decide how many are selected. Players will be put around their age/ability.

What day is the session on?
We run a session once a month across nine months. Starting at end of Jan and always run on either a Saturday or Sunday. We are try our best to avoid Rep Carnivals and Saturday netball season.

Cost involved?
Yes, there will be a cost involved and we will notify this of you when you are selected. You then have an opportunity to accept or decline

What are you looking for when selecting athletes? 
We are looking for athletes who want to learn and develop their netball. A commitment to wanting to be apart of the program and making the most of their opportunity. 

What if lm trailing for Hunter Academy of Sport?
Fabulous, we love to hear that if you are 15-16 years. Please apply and if you are unsuccessful this program is great for you. If you are selected you are apart of our Aspire Netball program. 

14s, no criteria you can apply for our program.

We apply then what's next?
We will wait till applications close. We then work hard through the applications and select athletes. Athletes successful will be notified first and given time to accept or decline. A email with all information will be sent to you to be able to make a decision. We will then only notify unsuccessful athletes once the full program has accepted or declined.

I have been in the program before?
Great news, if you enjoyed the program we would love for you to apply again. As everything we work hard to evolve the program each year and grow with you as a netballer. 

Still unsure or would like more information? We would love to help you, email -