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Aspire Netball

Athletes aged 14-16 years and selected into Hunter Academy of Sport take part in this program across six months. 

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Aspire Strive

Athletes 14-18 years selected by application process. Athletes train once a month across six months. Supporting athletes both on and off the court in a inclusive environment.

Aspire Development

Athletes 11-15 years can be apart of this program at your local Association courts. Places are limited and open to any athlete who is registered to the Association.

Helping local girls aspire to greatness.

Upon returning to home to play professionally in her home state, Sam Poolman identified a pathway gap for young girls wanting to turn their sporting passion into something more.

Sam founded program called Aspire Netball to assist athletes to reach their goals and be a part of something bigger than just the game.

ASPIRE assists local netballer's not only in becoming successful on the court; it helps develop the life skills and personality traits that are vital to a career as an athlete...


Is performing and showcasing your talents at selections challenging?


Aspire Ambition provides players with the experience and therefore knowledge and confidence to accomplish your goals!


Learning directly from experienced state level coaches and selectors through specialist sessions and match play, this program will support you to prepare, perform mentally and physically, for 2021 team selections.

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