Hunter Academy athletes train in this program over six months. A chance to directly work with an elite athlete to help take their game to the next level.

Aspire Netball

Athletes 14-18 years who are committed to their netball both on and off the court. The program runs over six months and is a selective program.

Aspire Strive

A three week program targeted for athletes 11-15 years. The program comes to your home courts and a fantastic opportunity for representative players.

Aspire development

Helping local girls Aspire to greatness..

Upon returning to home to play professionally in her home state, Sam Poolman identified a pathway gap for young girls wanting to turn their sporting passion into something more.

Sam founded program called ASPIRE to assist athletes to reach their goals and be a part of something bigger than just the game.

ASPIRE assists local netballers not only in becoming successful on the court; it helps develop the life skills and personality traits that are vital to a career as an athlete...